Parent Responsibilities

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There are 2 jobs each family needs to fulfill during the dance year – one to help with year long tasks and one during a rehearsal or performance.

  • Parents should regularly check emails from JADCO, texts from class moms and Facebook as updates are sent through these methods as needed.

  • Parents are required to sign up for parent job duties in order to help keep the program running throughout the year. This is usually done at the Annual Parent Meeting or the first day of dance. Families who do not fulfill the parent job requirement will be charged $200.

  • In addition to the parent job mentioned above, a parent (or an alternative adult) is required to work during the technical rehearsal, dress rehearsal, or one of the recital performances. Parents will be notified of their recital job duty prior to purchasing their recital tickets.

  • Please notify the JADCO treasurer of any address, email or telephone changes. The treasurer must also be notified if a student is going to drop from the dance program. Failure to provide notification by September 30, 2019 will result in forfeiting the registration/costume fee.

  • Please read and save the JADCO newsletters. They contain valuable dance information.  Newsletters are also available on our website.   

  • Dance classes are closed to spectators.  We do understand, however, that level 1 dancers may be hesitant and want a parent nearby at the beginning of the year.  To help ease the transition, a 

  • parent may stay and observe in the level 1 class for the first two weeks if needed.  Any other spectator or visitor needs to be approved in advance with the instructor.  

  • Please ensure that children who are not in dance classes are supervised. 

  • Bathroom and water breaks are discouraged during dance class. Please make sure your dancer uses the bathroom prior to their scheduled class time.